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A Moebius Strip-Tease

Like a dog biting its own tail (see illustration), today's question will require questions as its answers, and may go on and on like a golden braid of comments upon comments until two of us die and the last one hanging onto life will breathe a sigh of freedom only to burst a blood vessel in their lung, because they will be 80 years old, and their vascular system will not be what it was on the day I am posting this, a date that will years hence be known as "The True Apocalypse" and "The Beginning Of The Endless Beginnings and Endings" or simply "Escher Day".

Here's how it starts:

What question would you want answered if you were face to face with your Omniscient Creator and only had one more sentence between you and eternity?

In other words, what question would still be nagging at the back of your mind — like a bored toddler in the backseat on the long trip to Wally World — when you're faced with the Big Nothing?

Tags: infinity, national lampoon's vacation references
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