Captain Gingersnap (hereboy) wrote in answermethis,
Captain Gingersnap

Cause he's askin' for it.

We have a new face/icon on AMT. Ladies and gents, adamjames.

Although we at AMT are nothing if not welcoming to newcomers (see our reactions to tunglov daring to answer one of our questions), adamjames has made the unfortunate decision to start what may yet be an illustrious career in the AMT business with a post that contains nary a single, solitary question mark, nor any phrase which could possibly be construed as interrogatory.

Even worse, the quiz he's linked to from the forehead of our fair community seems to be a thinly disquised ploy to find the right price for a product he is undoubtedly hustling.

I'd like to make up for the last post's lack of questions by asking two in this one.

Should I delete the s%&t out of that entry?

And to adamjames,

Are you spamming us, Brother James?

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